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Stressed out mom

Tired of being exhausted and stressed to the max?

You have goals you’d like to accomplish but don’t seem to have the mental capacity to go after them like you want to because you are so dang tired all the time. 

This Life is too short

To feel stressed and tired all the time. It’s time to get to the root cause of this 

physical and emotional struggle.

I know you! 

You’ve read ALL the things, tried ALL the supplements, and changed your 

diet a dozen times, but you still find yourself riddled with 

It’s frustrating because you haven’t always felt this way and you just 

want to get back to feeling good

Is that too much to ask for? 

Life is too short to feel stressed and tired all the time. You simply want to 

get to the root cause of these physical and emotional struggles. 

Now, imagine waking up with energy every day and feeling excited, yet calm. No pounding anxiety creeping in. Just balanced.

Hi, I'm Andrea...

I understand how hard it is to know that something is off, but not feel like you are getting the answers you need. Maybe you have already visited doctors or naturopaths trying to get to the bottom of your concerns, but have come away without real answers….only pills or supplements to cover the symptoms. I completely understand because I have been there. After the birth of my second child, I was given a hypothyroid diagnosis and was given a list of supplements to take. Some of them helped a bit….and some of them made things worse. 

But what I lacked were answers!

Why did I suddenly have hypothyroidism?

Why was I feeling tired and anxious?

After a decade of searching,
I found answers.

Andrea Lahman
Andrea Lahman

And when things improved for me, there was a deep desire to help
other women experience root cause healing as well!


🔶  RCP  Institute graduate

🔶  15+ years studying natural wellness

🔶  Former science teacher turned health nut

🔶  Health coach

I’m taking what I’ve learned and my combined experiences to help

 YOU feel better and have the life YOU DESERVE! 

What People Are Saying...

I’ve been working with Andrea on my hormone issues for the last month. I have gone to different providers to help me with my low progesterone, adrenal fatigue and liver issues, but nobody seems to have the answers and only recommended supplements. I have more energy, eating better and feeling great. I highly recommend her for your health issues.
After some major life set backs, my body was struggling to function normally due to the stress of it all! My menstrual cycle had stopped and my sleep was horrible. I reached out to Andrea and it was like turning a switch! She helped guide me in diet, habits and supplementation. In a few short months my cycle started up again and I was able to sleep all night long without waking up one time. This was after years of not sleeping from my wound up body. She listened and was available for me through out the whole process. It was like she understood exactly what I was experiencing! Her compassion, and patience was so great. I wish I had met her sooner! .
“Andrea has been incredibly patient and detailed as she has listened to all of my health concerns and needs. She put together a simple plan that made me feel very comfortable in getting started and walked me through exactly what I can expect. I saw results within a couple days!!!”


30 Min FREE Exploration Call

On this zoom call we'll spend some time talking about your health challenges and see if this program is a good fit for you.
(first 30 min. free)

90 Min. Deep Dive

-stress profile
-overview of root cause principles and basic mineral education
-analysis of htma and/or blood test (purchased separately)
-first steps outline for you to follow
Investment - $120

45-Min. Follow-Up

-q and a
-tweaks and adjustments
-next steps
Your Investment - $75

You Were Created To Feel Good!

When you’ve tried everything and you’re still not feeling good, it sucks. You wonder if you will ever feel better. You know you have more to offer the world, but you can’t give your best from this place. 

On the other side of this journey, you will have clear answers. You will understand why things have been the way they are.

You will understand that you were NOT broken, just dysregulated!

If this speaks to you, it’s time to get started!

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